At Oscars this year, 25 gift bags, worth over $130,000, will contain cannabis truffles

At Oscars this year, gift bags, worth over $100,000, will contain cannabis truffles

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Behind the scenes at Hollywood’s biggest night, there is a marketing opportunity that is truly amazing and special. It’s the gift bags that are made available to the stars of the evening. These “swag bags” as they are sometimes called, contain some of the most expensive and exquisite gifts you could ever imagine. This year, one of the gifts that made it into the elite 25 bags for the “A-list celebs is cannabis truffles.

The “Crescendo collection” truffles, which snagged first place at the High Times Colorado Cup, come in three flavours–Earl Grey, Juniper Lemon and Burnt Caramel. Photo: Swag bags at this year’s Oscars are going to the weeds. Gifted to 25 acting and directing nominees, this year’s USD$100,000 […]

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