Arizona Girl Reduced Seizures With Cannabis

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by Dan Larkin.

An Arizona girl has reduced her seizures with cannabis. Emma Crozier is a fairly typical 15-year-old. In fact, when she was born, she was completely healthy. But when she was 4 months old, things changed.

That’s when her parents started noticing she was having trouble focusing her eyes. Her doctors diagnosed her condition as optic nerve hypoplasia.

Her pituitary gland didn’t form correctly and that lead to her vision problems and hormone issues as well.

Emma began having seizures.

Then, to make matters worse, Emma began to have seizures. Doctors thought she would eventually, “outgrow” the seizures but as time went by they continued. They would happen while awake and even while she slept.

“We probably tried, I don’t know, 8-9 pharmaceuticals to varying degrees of success, most of them had horrible side effects that were worse than the seizures themselves and I just couldn’t put her through that, it was just too hard.” 

Jessica Crozier-Emma’s mom

They tried everything to try to stop the seizures but nothing worked. Doctors decided brain surgery was their only option.

Could cannabis help stop Emma’s seizures?

Then, a friend of the family asked if they had ever tried medical cannabis. At first, Emma’s parents were shocked by the suggestion and couldn’t possibly imagine using cannabis under any circumstance.

“In all honesty, my husband and I were very conservative, we voted against it in 2010 we didn’t think it had any medicinal value what so ever, so when I heard about this I was kind of in shock.” 

Jessica Crozier-Emma’s mom

We all know the stigma surrounding cannabis is real and it’s strong. But, Jessica began to research it. She learned that other kids were being helped. So, they decided to try medical cannabis. Emma was 9 1/2 years old at the time.

They also decided to go gluten-free which they researched as a possible aid to Emma’s condition.

“She had stopped having daytime seizures once we went gluten-free, it was crazy and then I introduced cannabis and she stopped having nighttime seizures and she went a period of two years only having one seizure, it was phenomenal,”

Jessica Crozier on Emma’s response to medical cannabis

So, since that time life has greatly improved for Emma. She does still take a few pharmaceuticals but her mom gives the credit to medical cannabis for reducing the seizures.

Cannabis changed all their lives.

Emma is enjoying her teen years. source:

Jessica has become such a believer in using cannabis for medical purposes that she started working in the medical cannabis industry. 

“If somebody wants to speak negatively about our journey and our struggles, that’s fine, they’re not walking in our shoes so I really don’t care if people have negative things to say. My goal is just to share stories and just provide encouragement and education and hopefully some inspiration.”

Jessica Crozier-Emma mom

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