Veteran Can’t Buy a Gun Due to Medical Cannabis

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by Dan Larkin.

A US Air Force veteran can’t buy a gun because of her use of medical cannabis. Kim Petters served for ten years in the Air Force. That includes time deployed overseas. She is retired now and lives in Delaware.

Kim Petters- president of Women’s Veterans Collective and Dave Skocik, president, Delaware Veterans Coalition.

She is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That treatment includes the legal use of medical cannabis. In September of 2017, Gov. John Carney the Bravery Bill. It allows PTSD patients to receive a medical marijuana card from any properly licensed physician.

Why can’t this veteran buy a gun?

So what’s the problem? Why is she being denied her Second Amendment rights? Well, it’s the federal government. Federal law still considers cannabis a controlled substance. That means anybody applying to buy a gun has to reveal cannabis use on the ATF’s background check form.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms’ question about marijuana use. source:

“So if I lie on that form, and say no, I’ve created an entirely different felony, which could land me five years in jail. But if I say yes, I’m denied purchase.”

Kim Petters

Right now, Petters is choosing to continue her treatment with medical cannabis. That means this veteran can’t buy a gun. But, she has a hard time trying to understand the logic. She served to protect, among other things, our Second Amendment rights, and now feels that she is being denied them because of medicine she uses to help her deal with her experiences in military service.

“Cannabis is the only medication in the entire U.S. that makes you choose between medicine or second amendment rights, and that’s just not fair.”

Kim Petters

When can she buy a gun?

Kim Petters. source: Instagram

It’s doubtful anything will change until cannabis is legal federally. When that will happen is anyone’s guess. So Petters, as long as she’s honest on the form, can’t buy a gun legally. Because of medical cannabis.

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