A Survivor's Story: Meet L.A. Weekly's New Cannabis Editor

A Survivor’s Story: Meet L.A. Weekly’s New Cannabis Editor

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L.A.Weekly’s new cannabis editor is a 30-year Wall Street veteran, a cannabis podcaster, and a partner in an investment group. But, what may best define him is that he is a survivor. He credits cannabis with making that survival possible. Get to know Michael Miller.

Cannabis is personal and this is my personal cannabis story. “Survivor” is not what anyone aspires to be called. Life, my mother said, comes in threes; and she was right: In 1990, walking in a Wilshire crosswalk and waking up immobile in UCLA. Not feeling anything below my waist, the indescribable joy of a right foot, big toe moving weeks later, and walking, two years later. In 1993, carjacked, dragged, beaten, bruised and bloody; and in 2013, rear-ended, by a high-speed millennial, who just had to get that next text out. Nearly three decades of broken bones, spinal surgeries, spasms, nightmares, PTSD and chronic pain. Twenty-five years of doctor-prescribed, pain-reducing opiates. Three years ago, I decided to Just Say NO. A friend’s peer-pressured cannabis tincture suggestion resulted in my first, non-narcotic pain relief in 25 years and began my personal education, advocacy and caregiving journey.[…]

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