'A Really Nice Entry Point': Cannabis Microdosing And Who It's For

What is Cannabis Microdosing?

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Advice to anyone new to cannabis or returning to cannabis after many years: “Low and slow”. It’s the mantra you’ll hear from budtenders at cannabis dispensaries across the country. And, it’s good advice. But, what does it mean? Well, the “Slow” part refers to the need to take your time and pay attention to how you are feeling. Give the cannabis a chance to enter your body and mind. The “Low” part refers to microdosing. Read on for more about what that is, exactly, and why it’s important.

People who can’t consume or or are afraid to consume cannabis have another path to take advantage of CBD and THC’s anti-inflammatory, stress- and anxiety-relief properties without the risk of intoxication. This can be achieved through microdosing, a method of consuming amounts of THC and CBD so low that the person remains sober, yet high enough for the brain to react. […]

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