A Higher Cause: Is It Possible to Consume Organic Cannabis?

Organic Cannabis: Is There Such a Thing?

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If you look for and consume organic foods, fruits & vegetables, you would want to to do the same with your cannabis too, right? That sounds simple enough. Just look for the “Organic” label on your cannabis purchases, right? Wrong. You see, the US government essentially owns the “organic” label and products must be evaluated by the USDA before being designated as such. But, because cannabis is illegal federally, the USDA won’t evaluate it. So what do you do?

Luckily, there’s plenty of clean weed out there; more widespread legalization, after all, means more environmental regulation, control, and transparency. However, the legal cannabis market looks a lot like the Wild West right now due to the lack of cohesion between state-level laws and the hazy monitoring of greenwashing. That means today’s conscientious cannabis consumers are left to do their own due diligence. Here’s what that looks like.[…]

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