A Children’s Book About Cannabis Explains an Adult Subject to Kids

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Why would anyone write a cannabis book for kids? Susan Soares did in order to help parents (and grandparents) talk to kids about it. Her book, “What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden” tells a story from a child’s perspective, about how cannabis can help people.

Susan Soares, a cannabis activist in Southern California, recently wrote a book entitled ‘What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden’ that she hopes will help parents talk to their kids about cannabis, with illustrations by Gustav Davis. She’s currently raising funds to hire the illustrator to complete the […]

How do you feel about a kid’s book about cannabis? Would you read it with your children or grandchildren? Have you talked to your kids about cannabis? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts in the comments section or email your story to: info@cannabisirl.com

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