Cannabis Is Helping Arthritis Sufferers

by Dan Larkin. Cannabis is helping arthritis sufferers. And not just by reducing the pain associated with it. In fact, people diagnosed with arthritis are also turning to cannabis to help deal with depression. The depression is a result of

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fatty foods cbd

Fatty Foods Make CBD More Effective

by Dan Larkin. Fatty foods make CBD more effective. It's true! New data from the University of Minnesota surprised scientists looking at the effects of fasting and fatty foods on CBD's effectiveness. The researchers used 99% pure CBD capsules for

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Do Hospices Support Cannabis?

by Dan Larkin Do hospices support the use of cannabis for patients in their care? That's a tricky question. It's tricky because some hospices are funded with federal dollars. Cannabis is still illegal federally. So, those hospices have policies against

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US Cannabis Progress Report

by Dan Larkin It's time for a US cannabis progress report. Why? Because we're halfway through 2019 and a lot has happened already this year. There's been a lot of progress towards ending the prohibition on cannabis at the states'

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Study: CBD May Help Combat Alcoholism

On the heels of reports that cannabis is apparently not slowing opioid deaths at the rate once believed, comes some encouraging news. CBD (cannabidiol), may help combat alcoholism. Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in the U.S. According to

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