Recent Research Bolsters the Case That Cannabis Benefits Seniors

Research: Cannabis Benefits Senior Citizens

Seniors and baby boomers are a fast-growing segment of cannabis consumers. While many are coming back to re-visit something they enjoyed in their youth, many others have turned to cannabis because of health and wellness reasons. But, is cannabis really

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Jadyn’s Journey: The Story of Journey Organics

by Dan Larkin. I hope you'll watch "Jadyn's Journey: The Story of Journey Organics". It's the story of the Kietzers. They're a small-town Minnesota farm family. A family who faced their daughter's complex medical conditions head-on. They did it with

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THC Breathalyzers are Coming

by Dan Larkin. THC breathalyzers are coming. But, are they the right law enforcement tool? Let’s take a look at what these breathalyzers do. Maybe we can see if they are an answer to a problem or a reinforcement of

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DEA Confirms Some CBD Products are Legal.

by Dan Larkin. On Monday, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) confirmed that some CBD products are legal. And that wasn't the only big news. They also announced that they will finally begin the process of adding more cannabis growers to

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