Recent Research Bolsters the Case That Cannabis Benefits Seniors

Research: Cannabis Benefits Senior Citizens

Seniors and baby boomers are a fast-growing segment of cannabis consumers. While many are coming back to re-visit something they enjoyed in their youth, many others have turned to cannabis because of health and wellness reasons. But, is cannabis really

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fatty foods cbd

Fatty Foods Make CBD More Effective

by Dan Larkin. Fatty foods make CBD more effective. It's true! New data from the University of Minnesota surprised scientists looking at the effects of fasting and fatty foods on CBD's effectiveness. The researchers used 99% pure CBD capsules for

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CBD blood donate

Can You Donate Blood if You Take CBD?

by Dan Larkin. The other day a friend asked me, "Can you donate blood if you take CBD?" They take CBD daily to relieve some aches and pains and to help get better sleep. The concern was whether their blood

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Arizona Girl Reduced Seizures With Cannabis

by Dan Larkin. An Arizona girl has reduced her seizures with cannabis. Emma Crozier is a fairly typical 15-year-old. In fact, when she was born, she was completely healthy. But when she was 4 months old, things changed. That's when

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