THC Breathalyzers are Coming

by Dan Larkin. THC breathalyzers are coming. But, are they the right law enforcement tool? Let’s take a look at what these breathalyzers do. Maybe we can see if they are an answer to a problem or a reinforcement of

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Cannabis In Real Life

Cannabis In Real Life: Fionna’s Story

by Dan Larkin This is a Cannabis In Real Life Exclusive: Fionna's Story. Fionna Sebastiano contacted us at because she wanted to share her story. It's her real-life story about how cannabis has given her her life back. She

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Cannabis In Real Life: A Veteran’s Story

by Dan Larkin & Jim Ankeny. This is a veteran's story. Jeremy Sankey's story is one that will sound familiar to many veterans. It's his story of overcoming health challenges, opioids, and a mental health crisis; a crisis that nearly

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can I become desensitized to CBD

Can You Become Desensitized to CBD?

by Dan Larkin Can you become desensitized to CBD over time? That's a question that many people ponder as they find that CBD has now become part of their daily health regime. You're probably wondering if your body or brain

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