Michigan Could Expunge 235,000 Charges

Michigan could expunge 235,000 cannabis charges under a bill to be introduced by Sen. Jeff Irwin (D). The Michigan Senate Bill 416 would automatically purge records low-level marijuana crimes. What does the expungement mean? That means that people arrested in

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Cannabis Conversations: Meet Fionna

Note: 'Cannabis Conversations: Meet Fionna" is part of a new podcast series from Cannabis In Real Life- Real People. Real Stories. Real Life. In this edition, Dan Larkin talks with Fionna. She's been a medical cannabis patient in Michigan, Minnesota, and

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Cannabis In Real Life

Cannabis In Real Life: Fionna’s Story

by Dan Larkin This is a Cannabis In Real Life Exclusive: Fionna's Story. Fionna Sebastiano contacted us at info@CannabisIRL.com because she wanted to share her story. It's her real-life story about how cannabis has given her her life back. She

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