Illinois is Expunging 770,000 Cannabis Convictions

by Dan Larkin Illinois is expunging cannabis convictions. That's the other important headline that's coming out of Governor J.B. Pritzker's signature on a 610-page bill earlier this week. In case you somehow missed it, Illinois officially became the 11th state

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ny expunge cannabis arrests

New York Decriminalizes Cannabis

by Dan Larkin New York has become the 16th state to decriminalize cannabis. Governor Cuomo signed the bill on Monday. It will become law 30 days later. What does "decriminalize" mean? The law removes the possibility of prison for possession

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US Cannabis Progress Report

by Dan Larkin It's time for a US cannabis progress report. Why? Because we're halfway through 2019 and a lot has happened already this year. There's been a lot of progress towards ending the prohibition on cannabis at the states'

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