Starbucks Might Be The First Big Chain To Launch Cannabis-Infused Drinks, According to Analysts

Starbucks Might Launch Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Starbucks may be on the verge of introducing cannabis-infused drinks. That's the latest news from analysts who watch these trends. But, don't expect it to happen tomorrow. There are still a number of regulatory hurdles that have to be overcome.

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cannabis: what are women buying

Cannabis: What Are Women Buying?

by Dan Larkin. Cannabis is increasingly popular with women consumers, but what are women buying? Do they go for cannabis flower? Do they prefer tinctures or vapes? All good questions. Let's take a look with the help of a new

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Flying with Cannabis? The TSA Doesn’t Care.

by Dan Larkin. Guess what? If you're flying with cannabis, the TSA doesn't care! Seriously, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has bigger fish to fry. So, snooping through your suitcase and rummaging through your underwear for your prerolled joint or

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Etheridge Farms cannabis

Melissa Etheridge Opens Etheridge Farms Cannabis

by Dan Larkin Melissa Etheridge and her partners are launching Etheridge Farms. Santa Cruz County, CA has issued Etheridge Farms the first non-retail cannabis license in the county. That means that the Oscar & Grammy-winning artist & her co-owners can

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