4 Cannabis Sleep Aids Baby Boomers Should Know About

4 Cannabis Sleep Aids Baby Boomers Should Know About

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Baby boomers and seniors are embracing cannabis. Many are finding it’s the perfect choice for relieving aches and pains without the danger that prescription pain-killers pose. They’ve also begun to experience it’s calming and soothing effects at bedtime; allowing them to get a longer and more restful night of sleep. Here are some cannabis products that forbes.com thinks you should know about. (click the link below)

Gomez also notes that, among those who report treating their sleep issues with cannabis products, 63% use cannabis and 42% specifically use hemp-derived CBD for this purpose, while only 31% use prescription sleep aids like Ambien. One-fourth of these insomnia patients have completely replaced other sleep medications with cannabis.[…]

Are you a baby boomer or senior who’s getting better sleep thanks to a cannabis or CBD product? What’s worked for you? Share your Cannabis In Real Life experience and help out our readers with your advice. Use the Contact Form below or email your story to us at: info@cannabisirl.com.

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